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Doctrines & Morals

Our Lady, Queen and Mother

Ezk. 43:1-7, Mt. 23:1-12. The celebration of the memorial of the Queenship of Mary, traditionally marks the end of the octave of the Solemnity of Assumption. Without the Assumption, there can be no celebration of the Queenship of Mary, because we believe that Mary, who was taken up body and soul into Heavenly glory, is now seated at the right hand of her Son in Heaven, as the Queen Mother of Heaven, by virtue of the Lord Jesus, our God being the King of kings and King of all the universe. If the Lord is King, then it is common sense that His mother is honoured as the Queen Mother. Historically, in Israel the mother of the king has always been held in high esteem, where king Solomon had his mother Bathsheba seated by his side, providing him advice and guidance as the esteemed queen mother of the entire realm.

This further highlights the special role that Mary played in the history of our salvation, as it was by her full and complete cooperation, submission and obedience to the will of God that salvation came to all mankind. A similar insistence on the inner spirit that prompt us to do the will of God imbues today’s first reading from Ezekiel. When he completes his prophetic task and the Spirit-led people have returned to their ancestral land, the Temple can be rebuilt. Yet an outward building is not enough. The glory of the Lord must return to dwell again among the people. From the beginning then, God had a mysterious plan that would develop far beyond the dreams of his servants. In today's Gospel, Jesus warns the faithful that they must look to God as the source of their importance. Those who, like some of the Jewish religious leaders focus only on their own importance, have already received all that they will get. They have sought titles of honour and respect but have not really deserved them because they just “lord” it over others.  The focus must be on the One who is the true Teacher.

May the Lord guide us and give us the strength to live our lives faithfully and do the will of God! Amen!! Remain safe and happy weekend!!!

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