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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Pius

Ezk. 37:1-14, Mt. 22:34-40. In today's first reading, the hope for humanity is proclaimed as the dead comes back to life. Ezekiel compares the exiled Israelites to bones scattered over the plain, dried up and bleached by long exposure to wind and sunlight: “Prophesy over these dead bones: I heard a noise, rattling of bones, bone joining bone; sinews and flesh covering them; prophecy: O Spirit, breathe into these slain.” As a genuine prophet, Ezekiel does not stop with the external shape of things, no matter how hopeless they may seem, we would receive new life and glory, free from death, which is the consequence of sin and in turn is the consequence of disobedience and unfaithfulness. The Lord therefore, leads us into new life, new existence and new hope in Him, as He will forgive us our sins, cleanse us from our faults and return us to the state of grace.

The life of grace can help us to achieve the twofold dimensions of love: love of God and love of neighbour. Today's Gospel declares the greatest and first commandment of the law: “You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart… soul… mind.” The second is like it: “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” These two commandments are planted in the deepest 'fibres' of our existence and point to eternal life. Love is not only the first and greatest but it is also the second greatest commandment. God has the first and greatest claim on our love; only our Creator is to be loved with all our feelings, will, mind and our whole being. God alone is worthy of this total love, because God’s love has brought us into existence and sustains us in existence. Yet, Jesus makes it clear that such love of God, if it is really genuine, will overflow into the love of our neighbour. It is when we know of God’s love that we may also love Him. This is why it is important that we practice genuine love in our lives, in loving one another and showing God’s love in every moments of our lives. Today, we also have a great role model, whose faith should inspire us to be more faithful in the love of God. As we celebrate the memorial of Pope St Pius X, also known as the Pope of the Holy Eucharist, let us remember his life and the many good and inspiring examples that he has set.

May theLord help us to experience the life-giving love of God as we reach out with loving and caring hands to those who are around us! Amen!! Stay safe, it is well with you!!!

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