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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Bernard

Ezk. 36:23-28,  Mt. 22:1-14. In today's first reading, Ezekiel talks of Israel becoming purified People of God, using the classic symbol of washing with water, as God’s lavish grace of renewal. This "Divine Action" prepares them for re-entry into the Promised Land, after their Exile in Babylon. It is a symbol taken up in the liturgy of Baptism, where the newly baptised are prepared for entry to the Christian community. The parable in today's Gospel implores us to act firmly on a good conscience, properly guided not just by tradition but by sincere obedience to God. The parable is about God’s invitation to the banquet of life. In the story, the king who invites chosen guests to his son’s wedding banquet does not cancel the meal when those who were invited refused; instead he invites a whole new group. That aspect of the story speaks to us of God’s persistence. When the human response to God’s invitation is not forthcoming, God does not cancel anything; He simply intensifies His invitation.

God continues to work to ensure that we approach the banquet of life, embodied in the person of Christ who is the bread of life. The second part of the parable reminds us that saying ‘yes’ to God’s invitation is not something we do once and then forget about it. We have to say ‘yes’ to God’s invitation everyday of our lives. In the language of the parable, we have to keep putting on the wedding garment. Having been clothed with Christ at Baptism, we have to keep clothing ourselves with Christ and all He stands for, day by day. Today, let us be inspired by the good examples set by St Bernard, as he continue to cloth himself with Christ until death. Bernard of Clairvaux was a renowned Abbot who was instrumental in the major reforms in the monastic practices in the early Medieval era, especially among the Benedictine monks and in his efforts to oppose heretical teachings

May the Lord create in us a new heart and renew His Spirit within us, so that we may faithfully do His Will and respond to His invitation to be part of the celebration of the reign of God! Amen!! Remain safe and have a pleasant day!!!

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