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REV. FR SIMON Dzungwe has advised Catholics to learn how to give thanks in every situation they find themselves and work in solidarity with the Church to build the house of God.

Fr Simon, who was also the chief celebrant at St Gregory’s Moniya, Ibadan, called on Christians to ask themselves why they sleep in mansions and the house of the Lord is calling for help?

He added that the Lord made us outstanding; hence, we should be outstanding in praising the Lord. The harvest committee chairman, who also doubled as the parish laity council president, Mr Felix Farinola, explained that any contribution towards building a house for the Lord doubles as contribution towards building our dwelling place in heaven where we shall live our eternity.

Though things are hard, the Lord will replenish his own people in hundred folds, he said.

The vice chairman of the harvest committee, Mr Gregory Nwaoliwe, thanked all for their selfless service and dedication.

He also appreciated Rev. Frs Victor Koonoo, parish priest; Paulinus from the Tansian community, and the chairperson of the day, Chief (Mrs) Motunrayo Isioye, for their presence.

                                                                                                 -AUGUSTINE TAIWO


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