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DR CHIEDOZIE OKORO, associate professor of Philosophy, University of Lagos, has said that the task of a fledging university is to see how she can harmonise her mission and vision with national set goal in the midst of overbearing international challenges.

It was part of Dr Okoro’s paper titled “Mission, Anxieties and Hopes of a Fledging University” at the Dominican University on 22 November.

According to him, while acting locally, fledging universities must think globally if they must achieve the internalisation of research. To reap the fruit of internationalization, however, he said that university leaders must envision and imagine the global image through a constant rethinking and re-imagining of university education and as well work to see that research is promoted.

This is so because research is key for effective participation in global setting and a fledging university must be a global research centre if it must remain relevant, he said.

Dr Okoro explained that a fledging university must rise above teaching and embrace research that is sustained by talented and highly motivated personnel working in an atmosphere devoid of external controls.

He emphasised that the research that a fledging university is called to embrace is one that is carried out within the context of culture and about the diverse aspect of culture. This, he said, enhances a fledging university to be relevant both on the local and international scenes.

He reiterated that the ultimate mission of the university in the contemporary period is not merely teaching and research but re-thinking of education, re-inventing of research and the promotion of imagination that will help in coordinating diversities in harmonising approaches; instructing hope into hopelessness and uniting the past, present and future to bring out the best out of humanity.



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