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PROFESSOR OF Ophthalmology Charles Bekibele has said the eyes are not only organs of vision or sight but also a reflection of inner minds because in happiness, sadness, pain or sorrow, the eyes give a true reflection of our hearts on our faces.

Prof. Bekibele of the Faculty of Clinical sciences, University of Ibadan, made this assertion on Thursday 26 July at the Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan.

This member of the Knight of St Mulumba and parishioner of St Patrick’s, Bashorun, Ibadan, delivered the second lecture series from the Department of Ophthomology after 42 years when the first inaugural lecture was delivered in the department.

Prof. Bekibele explained that the eyes come in various shapes and sizes. The eyes of Africans are big while those of Caucasians and Asians are small.

While appreciating the beautiful nature of eyes and its primary functions, Prof Bekibele said the eye could be a source of much pain and suffering when in diseased conditions. The eyes, which are paired organs of beauty, must be protected by all means, he said.

The professor, therefore, advocated a more robust partnership between the university and the industry for it is necessary to help support both research findings and travel grants.

 The type of research activities being carried out in the university should be driven by industrial and societal needs such as innovative new drugs and socio-economic research in response to new and emerging local health problems, he said.

Prof Bekibele charged the university authorities to construct and dedicate a building equipped with necessary medical facilities and staff to accommodate its present eight sub-speciality units of the Department of Ophthalmology.


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