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THE POOREST OF THE poor are calling on the rich, the wealthy and the privileged in the society to come to their aid in these tough times.

Not that they would be consumed for God is always in control, according to Rev. Fr Nathan Anukam, but we need to be our brother’s keeper.

Fr Anukam, director of the activities of the Congregation of Servants of Charity, in an exclusive interview on Monday 20 November, said, “The less privileged, those who are really in need, the special children are abandoned. They are not taken care of as it should be, but some people have to speak for them since they don’t have that voice. So in a situation where they are challenged, the voice of the voiceless must speak out.”

Speaking for the voiceless, the people with disabilities, Fr Anukam said, “These are the children to be discovered, but we abandon them because we don’t understand them or we don’t have the patience to dedicate to them our time; to see what we can get out of these children. Even their parents say these ones are not like others, it is better they are locked up inside, but we are saying no to it. They are human beings created by God as we are created. So we have to include them in the society; give them that respect and that dignity they deserve.”

The priest said that there were different challenges, “one, the society is not able to give us that recognition or that economic  help. If there is no support from the government, it will be very difficult.”

“Also, some people are helping. Here, we are running the major part of work with our own resources but we need also the assistance of the public.”

Some people, according to Fr Anukam, are giving their time to feed them, stay with them, even greet them so that they will feel they are also like others, that is what is expected of the public, not only economic aspect; human relation is needed.

Government, he said, can assist by economically contributing to their welfare. “These persons with disabilities are also their citizens,” he said.



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