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ARCHBISHOP Gabriel Abegunrin has called on Nigerians to speak out continuously against any incident that takes place in the country.

In making such noise, they are condemning what they don’t want and that reminds government that the people are aware of the evil things going on, said Archbishop Abegunrin. He admonished the masses not to keep quiet as usual after making such noise.

Most Rev. Abegunrin made this observation while registering the Church’s displeasure over the killings of two priests and 17 parishioners in Benue State on 22 May.

His words: “I observe that when Nigerians make noise and keep quiet it would be forgotten.”

He said persistent talking on that issue would keep government on her toes and at alert.

Archbishop Abegunrin also said that had the noise of the masses reached the national level, the recent happenings would not have transpired.

He rounded off by appreciating the protesters. He prayed that their effort would not be in vain.

To the media, the prelate said, “Please continue reminding government of her duty.

“We are close to the grassroots and we know that people are really suffering.”

 According to him, Catholics are ready to collaborate any good government that is ready to make things better for the masses.




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