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REV. FR ANTHONY Akinwale, OP, vice-chancellor of Dominican University, has congratulated the 47 young men and women in their choice of an institution which promises to assist them to become leading lights in the society, “leaders of multiple competences in Nigeria and Africa of our dreams.”

Prof. Akinwale spoke at the Maiden Matriculation ceremony of the Dominican University, Samonda, Ibadan on 15 February at the Carolyn Walker Hall.

He called attention to the motto of the institution “In Truth we find Freedom” (In vertate Libertas), describing it as “eloquent and clear, undiminished by its brevity about the aspiration of the Dominican University.”

The VC explained that freedom is something to be cherished and from the human heart without which we are hindered from actualising our potential. Without the actualisation of our potential, he said, we remain undeveloped, left behind in the comity of nations. He added that without authentic developments, we are left stranded in a jungle of insecurity caught in the web of poverty, captured in the trap of destitution.

The professor reiterated that since without freedom there is no development, thus, we need collective and individual freedom to develop ourselves and our land.

He advocated, however, that we must be clear as to the freedom we need and that which we ought to seek as freedom rightly conceived is not licentiousness and not absolute because attributing absolute status to freedom would amount to basing our lives on a dangerous notion which destroys persons and nations.

The vice-chancellor explained that human freedom is relative to the good rightly understood, not to any kind of good but to what is truly good not counterfeit of what appears to be good.

Present at the occasion were officials of the university, well wishers, parents, families and friends.



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