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IT WAS A MASS of double blessing on Sunday 19 November at St Benedict Cathedral of Osogbo Diocese as Bishop John Oyejola commissioned the evangelisation group and the Catholic Lawyers Forum of the diocese.

Bishop Oyejola appreciated the lawyers for coming to the Lord to begin their legal year.

According to the bishop, the lawyers are the last hope of the society. He charged them not to be like the Pharisees and Sadducees who bent the law to suit themselves to oppress the poor. You should practise what you say and not behave like the hypocrites in the name of negotiation and settlement, he told them. Justice, he said, should be paramount when discharging your duties.

There are three noble professions in the world today because of their sensitivity in nature. They are the medical, the priesthood and the legal professions. These professions, according to the bishop, deal directly with human lives, existence and happiness in life. They keep secrets of their patients, members and clients. They therefore have sacred jobs in their hands and they must do it dutifully, with clear conscience that they have done their best. He admonished the lawyers to do their work with godliness, especially when they handle cases of corruption in the country today.

"Do all you can to work for justice to defend the powerless."

Relating the two events to the gospel of the day, which made the occasion more unique, the bishop said "everyone has one gift or the other and must use the gift for mission because everyone will give account to the Lord on how he or she uses the gifts. The wicked servant hid his gift because of his laziness.

Concluding the homily, the bishop told the congregation that we are all the same because at death, the skeleton of a Servant cannot be differentiated from that of the Master.

The two groups were later called to the altar for the bishop's blessing. Also, the instruments of their work were blessed and given back to them.

Responding, Barr. L.O. Folorunsho thanked God and the bishop for making the event a successful one.



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