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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Agatha

2 Sam. 24:2.8-17, Mk 6:1-6. It is a familiar saying that familiarity breeds contempt. We can be slow to recognise God’s grace and presence in the ordinary event of life. There is no need to go on distant pilgrimages, or out into space, to encounter the presence of God. It is all around us in the familiar, the humdrum and the ordinary. Today's Gospel invites us to look around us with new eyes and respect. The disrespect shown by the Nazarenes inhibited what Jesus could do for them. Recognising Him gives the Lord a proper welcome to bless our lives. It was familiarity that made David goes into census to show his excessive desire to control others. It was the motive that spoiled this census since David’s purpose was to impose taxation and dominance.

A census can be used for greater control, heavier taxation and affluence at the top. The ensuing plague is halted by David’s prayer which He accepts the blame and begs God to be merciful to those who have not done wrong. His spirit of responsibility brings healing to the disease. When we become proud and allow ourselves to be swayed by the temptations of the devil, we will end up falling into his trap and we may be like those Israelites who failed to welcome and accept the truth from Jesus because they were engrossed with pursuits for worldly happiness. Today, we are called to follow the Lord and be attuned to His truth and love. We have a great example in St Agatha, a great holy woman and martyr of the faith, who can inspire us through her life and faith. Agatha was born into a noble family and encountered great trouble when a Roman prefect made advances on her and she rejected it because she dedicated herself in a holy vow of virginity to God.

May the Lord grant us a generous heart to bring joy to our homes, work and everyone we meet! Amen!! Good morning and have a pleasant day!!!

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