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Doctrines & Morals

His Salvation and Deliverance is at hand

Ish 2:1-5, Mt. 8:5-11. On this day we are called to reflect on God’s love and kindness towards us, His strong desire to reach out to us and heal us from our brokenness, sinfulness and unworthiness. Today, we are called to remember just how fortunate we are to have such a loving, compassionate and caring God as our Lord and Father. He never ceases to care, provide and protect us from harm. Today's first reading presents us with the prophecy of Isaiah as the Lord spoke to His people, whom at that time were already brought low after centuries of divisions and misfortunes because of their sins and refusals to obey the Lord and His commandments. The northern kingdom of Israel and the ten tribes of the people of God had been crushed by the Assyrians and were brought to exile in far-off lands.

That was why at that time, the prophecy of the Lord was truly a very delightful and awaited promise, as the Lord promised the coming of His deliverance and salvation. This is what He fulfilled by sending His beloved Son, Jesus, who came into this world to be the bearer of the Good News and truth of God, calling us to be redeemed and to be gathered back into His presence, reconciling us to Him by absolving us from our sins and disobediences. In today's Gospel, the Lord reaches out to a Roman army centurion. On that occasion, the Lord encountered an army commander who sought Him to heal his servant who was truly dear to him. The Lord was astonished at the great faith which the army centurion had in Him because the army centurion had such a great faith that he knew that by the commands and power alone, the Lord could heal his servant without any doubts at all.

May the Lord reveal His presence in the world so that our world may be recreated and be where justice and peace shall find a home! Amen!! Good morning, have a fruitful week!!!

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