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Doctrines & Morals

The other nine, where are they?

Wis. 6:1-11, Lk. 17:11-19. Today's first reading exhorts leaders and rulers to judge justly and wisely, else they risk the rejection of God. We are called to reflect on our lives and actions and see how we have accepted God’s generous love, compassion and mercy. Have we opened ourselves and allowed God to enter into our hearts to fill us up with His love? Or have we allowed the pride and hubris, greed and desires in our hearts to make us harden our hearts and to close ourselves away from God? We must not forget all that God had done for us. We must appreciate His love and compassion, all the countless opportunities He has given us, His patience towards us and His endless desire to be reconciled with us despite our sins and wickedness.

Let us therefore be like the Samaritan leper, who humbled himself not just to seek the Lord for healing, to always be grateful to God. To the Samaritan leper who said a heartfelt thanks for being cured, Jesus said: “Stand up and go on your way.” The man had his dignity and hope back and healed of his dreadful disease. Since the Samaritans were scorned, feared and avoided by Jews, Jesus lessen the antagonism by appreciating his true faith. He was no longer forbidden to live in the community, no longer ostracized as an unclean person. He could go and live a normal life, with his heart now full of gratitude to God for his good health. Like the other nine, we may be guilty of ingratitude towards God when we refuse to acknowledge or appreciate the goodness of God. Ingratitude easily leads us to lack of charity and intolerance towards others. Let us reflect on many times we have refused to appreciate God, our parents, priests, teachers and neighbours for all the favour received.

May the Lord grant us a grateful heart and a generous mind! Amen!! Good morning, Peace be with you!!!

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