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Doctrines & Morals

Today Salvation has come to your home

Wis. 11:22-12:2, 2 Thess. 1:11-2:2, Lk 19:1-10. On this Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C, the Church reminds us that though we might seem insignificant, but the love, mercy and salvation of God on us is so rich. Today’s first reading reminds us of the mercy of God which extends to all His creatures irrespective of their status. Hence, in spite of human weakness, God continues to be merciful: “Yet, you are merciful to all because you can do all things and overlook men’s sins so that they can repent.” In order words, our merciful God gives us the opportunity to retrace our steps. In the second reading, Paul prays for us to persevere in good deed and faith in Christ. He equally encourages us to continue without being carried away by false rumours of the Lord’s imminent coming. Today’s Gospel reminds us of the intention of God to come towards us as long as we look for Him.

Everyday Jesus keeps coming our way full of mercy and love. He comes our way through our neighbours, sacraments and through creation. The story of Zacchaeus is a true indication that the merciful Christ comes to seek and save us. Irrespective of all human obstacles, the courage and humility of Zacchaeus attracted the attention and mercy of Christ to him. He refused to be limited by the crowd, or allow his shortcomings be a hindrance to his salvation. He saw mercy and salvation and immediately took advantage of them. There are so many obstacles preventing us from seeing Christ. If we make frantic efforts as Zacchaeus did, Christ will certainly notice us and show us His loving mercy. Therefore, we must rise above all obstacles that prevents us from seeing Christ and receive His mercy.

May the Lord help us to be drawn to Christ and may the mercy of the Lord find us! Amen!! Good morning and happy Sunday!!!

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