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Doctrines & Morals

Hospitality marks the ministry of Jesus

Talking to a wealthy Pharisee who had invited Him to a meal, Jesus in today's Gospel offers unexpected advice. Pharisees tended to dine only with their own devout friends, but Jesus says it would be a good sign of humanity and sharing if they would bring in some guests from outside their social circle. Jesus ate meals with all sorts of people, with the rich and the poor, educated and uneducated, religious people and others who were branded as sinners, with women as well as men. This hospitality and table fellowship marked His whole ministry. He did not exclude anyone from His circle, but showed the year of God’s mercy to everyone, especially to those most in need of that mercy.

By his whole lifestyle, including His choice of table companions, Jesus taught the people about the loving, generous hospitality of God. In contrast, the Pharisees notion of God was of a Judge who wanted to sentence more people than He acquitted. We are meant to reveal the hospitality of God by our own social habits. We can be unconsciously snobbish in our ways and socialise exclusively with people who share our outlook, attitudes and interests. Today, we challenged to widen the horizon of our hospitality so that it can accommodate everyone and reflect the expansive heart of God as shown by Jesus.

May the Lord make our sacrificial offerings an outpouring of the mercy of God! Amen!! Good morning and have a terrific week!!!

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