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Doctrines & Morals

God is a Just Judge

Sirach 35:12-14.16-19, 2 Tim 4:6-8.16-19, Lk. 18:9-14.
On this Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C, the Church reminds us that the Lord is a 'Just Judge' who favours the humble and the just. In the first reading, Sirach points out the justice of God towards the poor, orphans, widows and the weak of our society. The real challenge today, is to be among the lowly and contrite hearts before God. We are all paupers when it comes to our relationship with God. The only important reality in life is to relate to God, continue to speak with God day and night, insist that God be present in our lives and transform us as He wants to do. In the second reading, Paul, having played his part perfectly well, confidently awaits good judgment from the Just Judge. He boldly asserts himself: “I have fought the good fight to the end, I have kept the faith; all there is to come now is the crown of righteousness reserved for me.” There is only one thing that can give one such confidence. This is, a life well-lived in humility and the fear of God.

Today's Gospel direct our minds to prayer of the humble and contrite heart and its opposite. A humble heart’s prayer acknowledges the supremacy of God and the healing effect of His mercy over our inadequacies and efforts. This was the prayer made by the Tax Collector: "God, be merciful to me a sinner!" Its opposite asserts the supremacy of our efforts and power over God’s grace: "God, I thank you that I am not like this tax collector. I fast twice a week, I give tithes of all that I get." In contrasting the prayer of the Pharisee with the prayer of the tax collector, Jesus teaches us to pray in humility before God. Jesus again surprises us by showing the tax collector as the example of faith, rather than the Pharisee. The parable reminds us that when we pray, we must remember our need for God in our lives. If we are full of ourselves, there is little room for God's grace to work in us.

May Lord the bless us with a humble heart and may our prayers pierce the clouds to the throne of grace and favour of God! Amen! Good morning and happy Sunday!!!

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