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Doctrines & Morals

How I wish it were blazing already

Rom. 6:19-23, Lk. 12:49-53. Today’s readings are rich in paradox. In the first reading, Paul speaks of being enslaved by God; surely he does not imagine God as a slave-driver. In the Scriptures, to be called a servant or slave of God was a high honour. Paul says we are freed from slavery of sin in order to serve God and to bear fruits of holiness. This is the freedom that Jesus invites us to possess, freedom to live totally for God. In today's Gospel, there is a sharp paradox between Jesus coming “not to establish peace but division” and His comforting assurance in John's Gospel (14:27): “my peace I give to you”. His words express a strong sense of desire: “How I wish it were blazing already!”

This prefigures the fire of the Holy Spirit; coming down on the disciples like tongues of fire. By sharing in the mission of Jesus some families will be divided. Some family members will welcome the Gospel and some will reject it. We trust in the Holy Spirit to enkindle in us the fire of His love. The fire that Jesus speaks is not destructive, but it stands for the working of God. Fire in the Scriptures stands for God’s presence and actions in the cause of events in our life. The Holy Spirit is also understood as fire that warms up God’s grace in us. Fire also functions as purifying and testing element (Cf. Ish 6:6-8). It is a challenge to love God and place Him above family relationships. True faith and love will inspire love of God above all else and in that process, family and friends can turn against us. Jesus demands His disciples to give priority to God, to His love and service.

May the Lord help us to remain steadfast so that we would be able to live the Gospel value without compromise! Amen!! Good morning and Peace be with you!!!

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