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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Benedict

Gen. 44:18-21.23-29.45:1-5, Mt. 10:7-15. In today's first reading, Judah spoke up passionately in defence of his brothers, pleading for Joseph to release Benjamin. At that time, they did not know who Joseph actually was. The brothers defended Benjamin who was accused of stealing and they showed concern that their father Israel would die if Benjamin was to be arrested and taken away and they showed regret for sending Joseph off earlier on. Joseph was touched by the love that the brothers showed to each other, so much that he was overwhelmed by his emotions and eventually revealed himself to his them. In the end, the twelve brothers were united once again and Joseph, who was thought to be lost, was reunited with his brothers.

It is for this same reason that God in today's Gospel, through His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, sent out His disciples to the many places He was about to visit, to prepare His way for Him and to call on the people to repent from their sins and to be willing to accept the Good News and the truth of God. Today, we are called to go forth and be witnesses of the truth of God and persevere in virtuous life. Let us be inspired by the good and faithful example of St Benedict of Nursia, also known as St Benedict the Abbot, who was famous for his inspiration for what would eventually become the Benedictine religious order and also for his rigorous and disciplined rule, "the Rule of St Benedict", which became a model for many other religious orders and faithful communities in how they lead a life of faith.

May the Lord help us to be true model of virtue and good example of faith! Amen!! Good morning and have a joyful day!!!

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