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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Stephen

Acts 6:8-10.7:54-59, Mt. 10:17-22. Today, we recall the martyrdom of Stephen, a man 'filled with the Holy Spirit'. He was the first Christian martyr and one of the seven Deacons of the early Church. He was like Christ in his zeal for God and possessed the attitude of forgiveness. He was a man 'filled with grace and power', and fearlessly bore witness to his Master who conquered sin and death by His resurrection. Stephen minced no words in propagating the truth of the Gospel and this was not taken by his listeners. Hence, they alleged that he was speaking blasphemous words against Moses and God.

The elders and the Scribes were stirred up and Stephen was brought before the Sanhedrin. Condemned to be stoned to death for his alleged blasphemy, Stephen gives up his life in grace and fortitude praying for his executioners. His unflinching commitment to Jesus gains him the ultimate crown, the eternal life, in Heaven. In self-sacrifice he made life more meaningful and through this, he taught us the value of giving of oneself. To spend our life for Jesus and for the Gospel is to save our life for all eternity for a life of service has sweet fragrance before the Lord.

May the Lord give us grace to practice what we preach and teach us to love our enemies as we keep the feast of Saint Stephen, who prayed even for the men who stoned him to death! Amen!! Good morning, it is well with you!!!

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