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Doctrines & Morals

*BE A MISSIONARY THAT SERVES WITH HUMILITY* (Is 53:10-11; Heb 4:14-16; Mk 10:35-45).

Today we celebrate the world Mission Sunday. A day set aside to pray for all missionaries all over the world, to commit ourselves both priests, religious and laity to the work of evangelization, that is, to become missionaries by spreading the love of Christ to everyone. 
In his message for this year's mission Sunday, Pope Francis reminds us that we all have a mission on earth. That life itself is a mission. None of us created ourselves in this world, hence, the person who creates us has a mission for all of us. The mission according to the Pope entails: proclaiming Christ, spreading the faith to every corner of the earth and we are called to be witnesses of love to everyone.
This is our mission and this we must do daily. In today's gospel reading, Jesus reminded his apostles that their mission is not in seeking after greatness, as the world would have it; that their mission is not in having inordinate ambitions but their mission is in humble service to their brothers and sisters. "Whoever would be first among you shall make himself slave of all" (Mk. 10:44).
This teaching of Jesus came as a response to the demands of James and John, sons of Zebedee who were seeking for a place at the sides of Jesus. Jesus reminded them and his disciples of what true Christianity should entail. In conclusion he reminded them that he their Lord and master came to give his life as a ransom for many. Thus, every mission that does not have sacrifice and service underneath must be checked again. 
The first reading gives us insight into what the life of a Christian should be about, that if we work for righteousness, we will be able to receive the loving care of our Father, God, who will never abandon us. Thus, as we celebrate today, the world Mission Sunday, we are charged to embrace fully the work of evangelization. Saint Therese of the child Jesus once said, "Some go by giving, while others give by going." To be a missionary can be in two ways: Firstly, to become the missionary yourself by going on missions and difficult places to proclaim the message or secondly, becoming a missionary by donating your time, energy and resources to the work of mission. The 2nd one is where most of us belong. Let us contribute generously to support and assist those on missions, to assist priests and religious working in difficult places.
To summarise today's message for us, let us take note of the following points:
*1.* Be a missionary. Nothing is too small to give to your pastors. It is your own support to them.
*2.* Spread love wherever you find yourself. Become agents of God's love to everyone.
*3.* Do not have inordinate ambitions. True service lies in humility. Take each day as it comes.
*4.* We serve by suffering. Embrace the difficulties that comes with service. Accept the hurts and pains and pray for those who cause it all.
*5.* Take your own share in the cup of salvation. Be baptised in it because it is the only pathway that leads to heaven.
Lord, grant us the grace to embrace the missionary spirit and to do away with every form of inordinate ambitions. Amen.
Good morning and do have a wonderful Sunday. God loves you.
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