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Doctrines & Morals

Prayer must be sincere and persistent

Gal. 3:1-5, Lk. 11:5-13. The saving power of God in Christ takes us into a new state of life. By the life in the Spirit, the 'old self' is taken up by the new. In Christ, the 'old self' also known as the 'flesh' - the sum of the sinful instinct is replaced by the 'New Self' - the powerful breath of God which blows into human beings and gives a new surge of life. According to Paul in today's first reading, it is faith that brings us to that concrete experience not the practise of the Law. It is through hearing and responding to the message of the crucified Christ that we have 'New Life'. So, there is no need returning to ways of the 'flesh', by being legalistic.

Thus, Paul establishes that Abraham, the father of the covenant and recipient of the promise of God, was justified by faith and in him all who have faith in Christ are justified. By faith, we are close to the heart of God. In today's Gospel, Jesus teaches that prayer said in faith and love will be immediately heard. When our prayers are persistent, consistent and genuine, God will surely yield to our plea. Genuine asking, sincere seeking and confident knocking will bring us closer to our supplication. Today, we are challenged not to grow tired of asking, for God generously opens His hands to those who surrender to Him in faith.

May the Lord be with us as we start a new day, move our hearts to seek God and our wills to serve Him faithfulły! Amen!! Good morning and have a glorious day!!!

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