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Doctrines & Morals

The Importance of Family Life

Gen. 2:18-24, Heb. 2:9-11, Mk 10:2-16. On this Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B, the Church invites us to know the importance of family life. In our contemporary world, where marriage and family life are in crisis, it is important for us to understand and uphold what Jesus taught about marriage, even when we fall short of the ideal in our own personal lives. In today's Gospel, Jesus reinterprets the Mosaic provision that a man could divorce his wife by giving her a letter of divorce. In intent, it was not a permission to divorce, rather Moses making excuses for their “hardness of heart". The first reading presents us with the original plan of God for marriage.

The plan of God for marriage was that it should be a life-long unity of one man and one woman. Its purpose is the mutual love and fulfillment of the husband and wife, as well as the procreation and education of the children. This demands a life-long bond. Divorce can only break this bond and the law of the Creator who decreed what was best for the temporal and spiritual welfare of the human race. At the end today's Gospel, Jesus again taught His disciples the value and importance of these “little ones” in the Kingdom of God. Thus, Jesus offers the children as example of the kind of complete trust and dependence on God that ought to be our attitude. By welcoming children and fostering their relationship with God, parents and families bear witness to the Kingdom of God.

May the Lord, whose love surpasses all that we ask or deserve protect our families and grant us His love! Amen!! Good morning and Happy Sunday!!!

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