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Doctrines & Morals

Luke 7:16; “A great prophet has risen among us!” and “God has looked favourably on his people!"

The raising of the only child of the widow of Nain is a lesson in being hopeful. The woman was faced with a hopeless situation as she was a widow and the only thing remaining for her, that gives her joy was her child who was dead. But at the right time, Jesus was passing when the child was been taking away to be buried and Jesus was moved with pity and compassion and he turned her tears into joy.
Are you going through a tough time and you are about giving up? Is the storms of life to much that you feel like throwing in the towel? Are you in a work that you are not getting satisfaction and happiness? Are the family problems too much that you can't handle them again and you can't even find a way out. Are you struggling with academics? What is it you are going through? Don't loose hope. God will pass your way and he will answer you. Just as Jesus brought joy into the life of this woman, he will bring joy into your life and things will go well for you.
Lord, may we never loose faith and hope in you even when the storms are so high. Amen.
Good morning and do have a wonderful day. God loves you.
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