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Doctrines & Morals


Num. 21:4-9, Jn 3:13-17. The Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross has it origin among the early Christians when the Cross of Jesus Christ was found. The Cross of Christ is a constant reminder and witness of the ultimate triumph of Christ over sin and death. Today's Gospel explains the necessity of the Holy Cross with the aid of the analogy of the bronze serpent in the desert as narrated in today's first reading. The bronze serpent points to the Holy Cross which defeats sin and death, thereby gaining for us eternal life.

As we celebrate the triumph of the Cross, we are challenged to constantly relive what the Cross of Christ signifies. The Holy Cross is the emblem of salvation and reversal of fortune: from the tree of shame to the tree of life. The Holy Cross emphasises on the truth, that without suffering and difficulties, there is no crown of Glory: no Pain, no gain; no Thorn, no throne; no Gaul, no glory; no Cross, no crown. Our everyday cross is a great opportunity for purification, detachment and for an increase in grace. It is an opportunity to walk daily with Jesus and avoid fulfilling popular expectations apart from the demands of our faith.

May the Lord help us to accept our Cross so that we would be lifted up in Glory with Christ! Amen!! Good morning and Happy Feast day!!!

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