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Doctrines & Morals

Jesus identify with us and all class of people

SUNDAY BANQUET: Ish 35:4-7, Jam. 2:1-5, Mk 7:31-37. On this Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B, we are challenged to avoid being partial in our daily dealings with others. The first reading contains a message of hope for the oppressed people of God and all of us who need His saving help. It is a message of restoration from the Lord who neither shows favouritism nor likes oppression. Thus, St James frowns at the sin of despising the poor, in favour of the rich as contained in the second reading. His words equally apply to all types of prejudices in our families, Churches and society. To favour some people and disregard others based on their race, economic, social or religious background is a terrible evil against God and human race.

Where and whenever discrimination and favouritism exist, they are signs that we do not know or understand God yet. Today, are invited to learn from Jesus who went from one town to the other doing good as presented in today's Gospel. We are not told that Jesus healed only a sect: His blessing touches and transforms the poor and the rich, the good and the bad. We are called to emulate Jesus by aiming at being good to all without discrimination or favouritism. Today, let us resolve to make ourselves instrument to help others rise without minding their status.

May the Lord look upon those who live in darkness of discrimination and favouritism and open their hearts to learn from Jesus who identified with all class of people! Amen!! Good morning, do have a glorious Sunday!!!

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