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Doctrines & Morals


CELEBRATING ST BARTHOLOMEW: Rev. 21:9-14, Jn 1:45-51. Today, the Church invites us to reflect on the life of St Bartholomew. The apostle Bartholomew was from Cana in Galilee and often identified as Nathanael. He was a simple and straight forward man. Jesus recognised this in him when He said that he is "incapable of deceit". In today's Gospel narratives of his call, we see three persons with distinctive characters. Philip who manifests his missionary zeal by sharing his faith in Jesus, Nathanael who seems to be prejudiced - who could not see any good in Nazareth and the Messiah who sees his sincerity and what he is capable of becoming. Jesus sees the positive side of Nathanael and appreciates it.

The life of Nathanael challenges us to appreciate the good in every person, event and situation. The gesture of Philip calls us to become agents of God's love, to promote the Gospel values and to invite others to live by these values. This is to show us that God in His marvellous ways can use anything and anyone. Who knows, God may be using us to inspire others unworthy though we are. The response of Nathanael challenges us to form a positive mind-set and avoid prejudices because we cannot reasonably take right decisions when we are conditioned by it. 

May the Lord help us to stand firm on the solid foundation of the Apostles and Prophets so that we may never drift away from the hope promised by the Good News! Amen!! Good morning, do have a great day!!

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