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Doctrines & Morals

The Triumph of Good over evil

: Jer. 7:1-11, Mt. 13:24-30. Continuous struggle to live a righteous life is necessary for our faith response. To give a positive response to our faith, the first reading challenges us to reform our behaviour and actions. The prophet Jeremiah is known for his call for renewal of Covenant with God. To make this renewal a reality, the people must first treat each other fairly and never exploit strangers, orphans and widows. This renewal is of utmost importance in our time where exploitation of the masses and shedding of innocent blood is prevalent. It is most important in our current situation, to renew our lives and avoid taking Holy place and places that bears the name of the Lord for a robber's den.

Hence, in today's Gospel, Jesus gives spiritual insight into many the questions we ask about our daily life that portrays the absence of God. In His parable of the seeds, we understand that God sows abundant of good seeds in His people because He, the source of all goodness cannot do otherwise. However, we find evil in the world to confirm the reality of the existence of the evil ones. This should help us to be cautious since the world is a mixture of good and evil. Like the sower, who was patient to sieve out the darnel from the good seed at harvest time, so would God expunge evil out of the world and there shall be ultimate victory of good over evil.

May the Lord help us to choose good over evil and guide us to use the good things of this world so that we may hold fast to what endures forever! Amen!! Good morning, and enjoy your weekend!!

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