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Doctrines & Morals


“I will give you shepherds after my own heart.”

God spoke these words to Israel, following a devastating loss of the sense of direction, a direct consequence of failed human leadership. In addition to calling them to repentance, God reassured them with a message of hope and restoration to come, through those who remained faithful, and through whom God’s salvation would come to the nations. The parable of the Sower mediates Jesus teaching on the value of an enduring faith, despite trials, temptations, and difficulties. Such endurance was the difference between the failed planting and the fruitful seed. In many ways, humanity has suffered from the effects of failed leaderships, the result of human greed and refusal to hear God’s word and keep it. We must remain hopeful that the Good Shepherd will give us shepherds after His own heart, and we must pray for this to happen in the civil society and in the church. While doing that, we must also be good fruit bearers, whose lives conform to the word of God, sown in our hearts. That is how we become co-sowers with Jesus for the harvest of eternal life.
Loving shepherd of thy sheep, keep thy sheep, in safety keep. Amen.
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