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Doctrines & Morals


Here are my mother and my brothers and sisters.
Today’s gospel is one of my favorite passages, with Jesus pointing at His disciples, and through them identifying with us as His brothers and sisters; made so not by virtue of birth, but by the privilege of faith. St. Paul reminds us that it happens at baptism, where we received the Spirit of adoption, enabling us to call God, “Abba, Father,” and also lay claim to the inheritance of eternal life with Christ, our Brother (Rom 8:15-17). That privilege is sustained and the relationship grows as we live daily conforming to the will of the Father, every inch of the way, both in word and deed/action. Such children live always with the consciousness of their relationship with God in Christ, as a faithful flock that is directed by God’s “shepherd’s crook” to green pastures (Micah 7:14). Because of God’s faithfulness to His covenant, they drink of His mercies and are assured of His loving protection. As such, our blessedness in God’s household must manifest itself in our relationship with others, as we foster love, unity, understanding and mutuality amongst all God’s children.
O Lord, let us see your mercy in our days. Amen.
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