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Doctrines & Morals

EMBRACING THE PROPHETIC MISSION (Amos 7:12-15; Eph. 1:3-14; Mark 6:7-13).

By our baptism, we have been called to share in the 3 munera of Christ (as king, prophet and priest). Today's liturgy remind us of this special call and why we must embrace the prophetic mission in our world today. 
The first reading from the book of Prophet Amos (7:12-15) narrates to us the ordeal of Amos, how he was rejected and sent away from Bethel by a priest called Amaziah. In the second reading (Eph. 1:3-14), Paul reminds us that we have been chosen by God in Christ to be his adopted children. The gospel (Mark 6:7-13) tells us about the work of those who have been chosen and called. They are to go on a mission and proclaim the message of repentance.
From the 3 readings, certain words stand out and they are call, mission and proclamation. By virtue of our baptism, we have been called and charged with the work of evangelization. Just like the Apostles and Amos were charged with the message of repentance to people of Israel, we too have a mission not just to ourselves but to our brothers and sisters. 
How do we fulfil our mission in the world of today? Amaziah, who was a priest, got his mission wrong. He became enticed with money and as such lost the power of speaking the truth with comes from God to the king. He became sugarcoated and could only tell the king what he wants to hear. When Amos came by, he saw him as a threat, hence, he had to send him away from Bethel. In Amos and Amaziah, we have two types of prophet's. One who speaks the message that comes from God and the other who speaks what the people wants to hear. Where do we belong? We must be in the side of Prophet Amos. 
It is a natural thing for people to hate the truth. Jesus made this known to his disciples while sending them out. He warned them that if they are not welcomed, they should just dust their sandals and go. We live in a world where people prefer lies to truth. Our mission as Christians is to speak the truth and challenge those vices in our world. 
Jesus sent his apostles out in two, not only to ascertain the truth but also to support each other. It's quite painful today, that Christians no longer support themselves. We backbite, Gossip and even lie. We injure ourselves all in the name of claiming that my denomination is better than yours. We cannot convert people if we are not United in a common purpose. Jesus also gave them the admonition not to carry certain things for the journey. This is to teach them to trust in divine providence and not to be concerned with material stuffs. 
There is an urgent need to preach Christ in our world today. This is to be on the lips of every disciple of Christ. This must be our concern and primary focus. We must embrace the prophetic mission and stand firm against the evils in our world today. Even when they reject us, we shouldn't be tired of being the moral conscience of the society. 
Lord, grant me the strength and courage to embrace the call you have chosen for me. Amen. 
Good morning and do have a wonderful Sunday. God loves you.
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