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Doctrines & Morals

FACING REJECTION WITH COURAGE (Ez 2:2-5; II Cor 12:7-10; Mk 6:1-6).

Albert Einstein, a German-born theoretical physicist, as a young boy could not speak until 4 and could not read until 9. He was rejected by his teachers in school because they said he was mentally slow and unsociable. He had to be taught at home by his mum. Today, the rest is story. Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard University dropout. Charles Darwin, Walt Disney, G. K. Chesterton and several others had a tough start. They were rejected by people who mattered and they thought that they won't become anything in life, but today they are still being remembered for their contributions to life in general. 
Today's readings talk about rejection of prophet's and how we are to face it with prophetic courage. The first reading from the book of Ezekiel, tells us about his call from God to be a prophet. Yahweh warns Ezekiel that he is being sent to obstinate and rebellious Israelites in exile in Babylon. Hence, as God’s prophet, he will have to face rejection and persecution for giving God’s message. 
In the second reading , St. Paul gives us the same warning from his experience that not only the prophets, but the apostles and missionaries also, will have to encounter hardships and rejection in their preaching mission. Today's Gospel passage, (Mark 6:1-6), shows how many people of Jesus' hometown Nazareth did not accept him as a prophet because they “knew” him and his family. They knew that he was a carpenter with no schooling in Mosaic Law.
Ezekiel, Paul and Jesus all encountered rejection one way of the other but it didn't turn them away from prophetic work entrusted to their care. They faced it with prophetic courage. Being rejected by the people you expect to accept you can cause emotional trauma. It can be discouraging and disappointing. Many have abandoned their dreams simply because the family and society rejected them. They have developed very low self esteem and feel they can't do anything again. 
Rejection from people is not the end of the world. Rather, it should become spring that pushes us to another stage. We need to learn from the characters in our readings today and the great inventors mentioned earlier. They were all rejected but the rejection became a leap to another stage in life. 
Are you currently facing rejection in your family or place of work because you stand with Jesus? Firstly, don't abandon the call. Face it with prophetic courage. Those who accept the call of God and seek to follow Him may face indifference and hostility, contempt and scorn, weakness, hardship and persecution, insults and rejection. We must realize that God's power is always available to transform even the most unlikely people, as St. Paul made us to understand in the 2nd reading. 
Secondly, let us handle rejection with right spirit. Rejection should motivate us to do more. It should make us more positive in approach and not become negative. Rejection should make us look for ways of doing things in another way and ensuring we achieve the same result. 
Thirdly, we must continue to speak the truth without prejudice. For us to gain acceptance by the people who rejected us, we must not change our words. We. Must not turn truth to lies so that they can like us. We must never remain silent in the face of evil for fear of being thought "politically incorrect." We can be kind, charitable, and honest and forgiving as we speak forth our own convictions as Jesus did in the synagogue. 
Lastly, by our baptism, we alhave been made prophet's. Let us try to fulfil our prophetic role in the world not minding the rejection we may face. 
Lord, strengthen us in our weakness and grant us the grace to embrace rejection with courage to do more. Amen. 
Good morning and do have a restful Sunday. God loves you.
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