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Doctrines & Morals

Matt. 9:16; "No one sews a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old cloak, for the patch pulls away from the cloak, and a worse tear is made."

In Jesus we have new way of life. A new way of approaching God compared to the days of old. In Jesus, we have a saviour sent from above to save us and he did. In Jesus, we have become new creation, for old things are passed away. 
Now that we have become new creatures, we must then do away with old practices. We need to abandon old wineskins and practices that does not correspond to the new life he brings. Some of us at times, want to join them together, but it doesn't work that way. We must jettison the old, in order to make way for the new. 
Lord, grant me the grace to drop old ways of life that does not correspond to the new life you have given me. Amen. 
Good morning and do have a wonderful weekend. God loves you.
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