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Doctrines & Morals

Matt. 9:13; "For I have come to call not the righteous but sinners."

Our rituals, fasting and sacrifices are absolutely useless when we are not merciful. When our hearts are not fully devoted to God, we are not truly committed to being holy. Jesus, in the gospel today reminds us that he wants mercy and not sacrifice. He came to call sinners, to show mercy and not the righteous who do not need mercy. To receive mercy, we must be disposed to make amends from our bad ways. 
Jesus is not interested in how many times we fall. His interest lies in how many times we pick ourselves up and seek reconciliation. We must not be like an ulcer patient who runs to meet the doctor for drugs but is not ready to change the lifestyle that makes him have such a disease. God is ever ready to clean us no matter how many times we fall. We must never become tired of seeking his mercy. To be a follower of Christ, God's mercy has to enter into our whole being, right down to the core, deep in the heart where real change occurs. 
Lord, grant me the grace to seek your mercy always. Amen. 
Good morning and do have a wonderful weekend. God loves you.
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