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Doctrines & Morals

Matt. 8:22; "Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead."

Following Jesus is adventurous. Every adventure must involve risk taking. There will be moments of fear and anxiety. But still you will get better with the adventure. In today's Gospel reading, Jesus is talking to those of us who want to follow him "but only if --." Only if we have a comfortable place to sleep and an easy road to travel. Only if we control which duties to handle. Only if God doesn't ask for much. Only if everything stays predictable and God's plans are obvious. Only if it doesn't interfere with what's already in our plans.
Following Christ is rarely convenient and comfortable. In fact, it's an up-stream swim that goes against the currents of normal life. At times, it even seems irresponsible! Why? Because God stretches us beyond our current limitations so that we can become ever more effective as apostles for his kingdom. This is adventure. Discovering and seeing things the you haven't seen or experience them before. Allowing someone to lead you and showing you places you've never been to before. Being ready to sacrifice a lot just for the fun of the adventure. Allow Jesus to be the tour guide. It may be rough but with Jesus ahead, you will scale through. 
Lord, grant me the grace to persevere in following you till the end no matter how tough it may be. Bless this week for us and protect us from all evils. Amen. 
Good morning and do have a wonderful week ahead. God loves you.
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