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Doctrines & Morals

Men have shown they prefer darkness to the light because their deeds were evil

Acts 5:17-26, Jn 3:16-21. Today's Gospel is the continuation of the dialogue Jesus had with Nicodemus. God loved the entire human race enough to send His Son to the world. In love, Jesus carried out the plan of God for the salvation of each of us by His life, death and resurrection. His life here on earth is the reflection of the love of God for each one of us. In return for that same love, we are called to love and appreciate those who love us sincerely. He challenged us to be committed to love and forget our individual ego and prejudice and thank God for such wonderful gift.

We must remember to welcome Jesus in our love ones. Welcoming and accepting Jesus is difficult because it involves a change of attitude and a change in our lifestyles. If we do welcome Jesus the light, into our lives, our life becomes radiant and illuminated and would never be led by selfish passion. The Jewish leaders refused to appreciate this gift in Jesus and put Him to death. They preferred darkness to light the same way some of us prefer the culture of death to the culture of life. For us who have been illuminated, the task is clear: we have to live in love and be responsive. We have to show our believe in God by the way we live and love. We have worked at the reform and renewal of our lives during Lent. Now we need to show Him by the lives we live that we are indeed grateful to God for this unique and priceless gift.

May the Lord make our lives example of His love, help us that our lives may truly signify our love of God and our gratitude for the great love we enjoy! Amen!! Good morning, It is well with you!!!


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