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Doctrines & Morals

Show us, O Lord, Your Kindness and grant us Your Salvation

Micah 7:14-15.18-20, Mt. 12:46-50. Micah final prayer in today's first reading reflects Israel’s liberation and journey towards the Promised Land, under the watchful care of God. The chosen people strayed like lost sheep and need the guidance of a shepherding God who will forgive the erring ways of the divinely chosen flock. Micah entreats God to remember the covenant of old and the relationship which He made with Abraham and his descendants. The Psalm picks up on the mercy and compassion of God in a prayer of praise. The phrase in this prayer is used frequently in the liturgy of the hours: “Show us, O Lord, Your kindness, and grant us Your salvation.” Salvation is the gift offered to penitent sinners. It is the result of the kindness and love of God, not something earned by those who have turned from sin to God. The result of the kindness and love of God should be manifested in the lives of those who repent and renew their lives.

In Jesus we find a community founded on love and doing the will of God. It was in the context of growing confrontation with the Religious leaders, that Jesus received a visit by His family in today's Gospel. His mother and relatives were apprehensive over His welfare. His family did not fully understand His ministry and ways. Jesus made a shocking claim when His mother and relatives asked for Him. There is a greater family existing than human family which has supremacy over blood relationship. It is our human experience that a true family does not exist just because of common blood. Many families are in turmoil and torn apart. Therefore, something more is needed, true family is based on a common relationship with God. This is a spiritual relationship based on doing the will of God. All those who commit their lives in doing the will of God are bound together spiritually as one family.

May the Lord help us to reflect on the loving kindness of God and may our life be a witness to the mercy and love of God! Amen!! Remain safe and peace be with you!!!

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