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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Bonaventure

Isaiah 10:5-7.13-16, Mt. 11:25-27. Caring parents find a loving way to guide and discipline their children. According to today's first reading, Assyria became a rod of God’s anger, to punish, correct and restore Israel to just and moral living. Yet when Assyria boasts, God condemns Assyria for overstepping its boundaries: “By my own power I have done it” and this interferes with God’s plans, the “rod” was discarded. Isaiah asks: “Will the axe boast against one who chops with it? Could a rod wield the one who lifts it?” The lesson is to remain humble and open to God’s direction. Then we can achieve creative and life-giving results, all glory and honour should return to God. A glimpse into the prayer of Jesus in today's Gospel helps us to understand the place of humility in order to accept that we are nothing but instrument in the hands of God.

Jesus blesses God for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to mere children. It is not the religious experts, the teachers of the Jewish Law, who are coming to know God as revealed by Jesus. Rather, it is those who would have been considered religiously and theologically illiterate who through His ministry are coming to know God. Those who claim to know already are closed to learning about God from Jesus; those who are aware of how little they know are open to receiving the revelation of God that Jesus brings. The Gospel reminds us that it is those who are aware of their own need, their own poverty before God, who will be open to whatever God wants to communicate to us through His Son. This is why we should look upon the examples of our good and holy predecessors, like that of St Bonaventure, whose memorial we celebrate. He was a great writer and a great theologian who spent a long time reforming the Church and the community of the faithful, as part of the Franciscan Order. His contributions to the Church and the Franciscan Order helped to make the Franciscans renowned for their faith and intellectual depth, reforming the order further to help in their ministry to the faithful.

May the Lord save us from despair and help us to recognise God in the daily events of life! Amen!! Keep safe, Peace be with you!!!

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