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Doctrines & Morals

God's compassion towards His people is great

Hosea 2:16.17-18.21-22, Mt. 9:18-26. There is always a certain disproportion between what others see about us and what moves us more deeply; between what others think we deserve and what God grants us to deserve. Sometimes this disproportion is enormous, practically insurmountable. In a different way, today’s readings make us aware of this contrast by inviting us to look where God looks. When the most lucid men in Israel contemplated the people, it was not difficult for them to notice that infidelity seemed to be transmitted as a damn from generation to generation. They were a people who had been given a deeper experience of God than any other; however, they keep turning away from God, like the adulterer. The prophet Hosea reflects this vision, presenting Israel as a prostitute who, even having found a husband, continually returns to her secret lover. In fact, it is God who urges Hosea to marry the prostitute to mirror the compassion of God towards His sinful people.

Out of compassion for the needy, Jesus takes the risk of making Himself religiously unclean and being barred from entering the Synagogue or Temple in today's Gospel; He let Himself be touched by a woman with a flow of blood and then He takes a dead child by the hand (Lev. 15:19-33; 21:1). Jesus is also approached by a Synagogue official, who had a recognised and important religious role within the community. Not only were these two people at opposite ends of the religious spectrum of the time, but the way they approach Jesus is very different. The official comes up to Him very publicly, bowing low in front of Him. The woman secretly touches the fringe of His cloak, not wanting to be noticed. In spite of their different standing within the community and their different approaches to Jesus, what they had in common was their great faith in Jesus and in His saving power. Jesus responds equally generously to these people, healing the official’s daughter and the woman of her condition. What matters to Jesus is not our standing in the community or how we approach Him, how we pray, but the strength of our faith and the quality of our relationship with Him.

May the Lord give us the discernment to know the needs of our neighbours and courage to show the compassion of God to others! Amen!! Remain safe and have a productive week!!!

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