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Doctrines & Morals

Judge not, that you will not be judged

2 Kgs 17:5-8.13-15.18, Mt. 7:1-5. In today's Gospel, Jesus challenges us not to judge others for we shall be judged by our actions and failures. As Humans we are experts in pointing out the problems, faults and failures of others while we seldom take note of ours. Today, we are invited to remove the 'log' in our eyes before we search for the 'speck' in others' eye. Insecurities due to our shortcomings leads us to be judgmental because we are often controlled by ego and pride, ambitions and desires. Today, Jesus speaks of the prideful attitudes of many of the Pharisees, the scribes and teachers of the Law. They often criticised and opposed Jesus and His works. However, little do they realise that in their hubris and pride, they had failed to realise that they erred against God. They were engrossed in maintaining their prestige, status and privileged conditions, shoring up their ego and desires that they ended up forgetting their important responsibilities and obligations to bring God’s lost people back to Him. Instead, they shut the path of salvation to the lost ones and turned their backs on those who were seeking God.

This was no difference from their ancestors in today's first reading, who neglected their obligation to serve and follow God, to be faithful to their Covenant. Instead, they chose to worship foreign gods in their alliance with Assyria. We know how it all ended, as the northern kingdom of Israel was swallowed by the forces of the Assyrians who came and conquered their whole lands and destroyed the capital of Samaria, bringing many among the people into exile in faraway land. This reminds us that, our willing and conscious rejection of God’s love, mercy and compassion, our constant refusal to abandon our sinful ways and our wickedness that leads us into sin. We have to remember that while God is ever merciful and forgiving, He is also a just God and no sin can exist before Him, without repentance and forgiveness.

May the Lord give us the courage to forgive others and a positive mind to excuse them in our judgment! Amen!! Remain safe and have a fruitful week!!!

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