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Doctrines & Morals

The Memorial of St Anthony Padua

1 Kgs 19:19-21, Mt. 5:33-37. Today's first reading recounts the end of the ministry of Elijah and the call of Elisha. Elijah throws his cloak over to Elisha, as symbol of generational transition. As a humble farmer, Elisha gives up everything of his career in style. His behaviour clearly demonstrates openness and hearty appreciation of God’s call to serve His people. He was in love with God and saw it as a privilege to have been called to mediate between God and His people. Our attitude and behaviour begin to wear a new look once we begin to see and render our services with the mindset of "I am doing it for God", no matter who is the immediate recipient. When we begin to perceive the presence of God in others, our actions wear the cloaks that make them our ministry, because God softens them.

Jesus invites us to imitate the virtue of the prophet Elisha whose actions uncompromisingly ‘displayed’ his yes to the call of God. To be Christians means becoming Christ-like, putting on the cloak of the master. Invariably, we are crystals, particles of the Truth that God is; we reflect Him. Our Christian identity does not permit us in the least way to be untruthful, saying one thing and meaning another but to be truthful in little things, willing to take responsibility for our flaws and fulfil our commitments. The challenge to be honest with God, others and ourselves is placed before us in today’s Gospel: “Do not swear at all. Take no oaths, but say Yes, when you mean Yes, and No, when you mean No.” This is a challenge to keep our speech simple and exact, never exaggerating or “embroidering.” St Anthony of Padua whose memorial we celebrate is a good example of one who made his 'Yes' a reality as he dedicated his whole life to the service of God, the sick and abandoned. He was a renowned Priest and Franciscan friar, who dedicated much of his time to reach out to the people and called many to repentance. He was also deeply honoured and remembered for his deep and extensive knowledge of the Scriptures, his eloquence and great ability in teaching and preaching the faith.

May the Lord grant us the grace to remain in the love of God and may He give us the courage to always be ambassadors of the Truth that Christ is! Amen!! Keep safe and Happy weekend!!!

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