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. Jul 2020 .
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Doctrines & Morals

To return good for evil is Godlike

1 Kgs 21:1-16, Mt. 5:38-42. In today’s first reading, the judicial murder of innocent Naboth is a glaring example of injustice. The total disregard of Jezebel for the human rights of ordinary people shows how far power can be abused. That her husband, king Ahab, condoned the violent seizure of Naboth’s vineyard is another example of rank injustice that arouses indignation in our hearts. Their combined crime reached out to Heaven for vengeance. That is why in our witness of the Gospel, vengeance has no place but to live it to God. In today's Gospel, Jesus invites us not to impose our will on others and not repay evil with evil, but to show mercy and goodness instead.

It is said that "to return evil for good is devilish. To return good for good is human. To return good for evil is Godlike. The worst instinct in nature is to mistreat those who have intended us nothing but good. Today, we are challenged to give no excuse for retaliation, vengeance or payback. It is incredibly hard to stay patient if others do us harm, or remain loving in the face of scorn, or faithful in the face of infidelity. Nobody could live by that ideal through human resources alone. We need God’s grace and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to follow such a pacifist and peace-making lifestyle. The crucifixion of Jesus is the supreme example of that. It is a much nobler instinct to seek to resolve evil through goodness. This divine instinct of patience and goodwill was what prompted Jesus, who endured the evil that was done to Him and responded with love. Basically, he lived and died to overcome evil with good. Let us learn from the Cross of Christ which can free us from the tyranny of malice, hatred, revenge and resentment while it gives us the courage to overcome evil with good.

May the Lord stay with us in all our trials and give us the courage to forgive others! Amen!! Remain safe and productive week!!!

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