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Doctrines & Morals

Love of God overflows into the love of neighbours

2 Tim. 2:8-15, Mk 12:28-34. In today's Gospel, a learned Jew goes to Jesus and asks: “Which is the first of all the commandments?” There were a lot of regulations and he wanted to know which one came first. The answer went beyond the question. Jesus gave the first and the second as, to love God and neighbour as ourselves. These two principles are inseparable. We cannot love God truly without loving our neighbour and in loving our neighbour we are, at the same time, loving God. The love of God is to be the primary love in our lives. We owe our lives to God and so we should “Seek first the kingdom of God.” If we really love God, it will overflow into love of others and our various links with other people will reflect something of God’s love for them. The highest love is a total gift of self, that is to: “Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” It reaches out to others and to love them as truly as we love ourselves. Such love is worth more than burnt offering or sacrifice. Without love, things have little meaning, while with it, we are “not far from the reign of God.”

Writing to Timothy in today's first reading, Paul speaks of what he has endured for the faith, even being thrown into chains and willing to die with Christ, that we may live with Him. He urges Timothy to value fidelity to Christ above mere doctrinal disputation. The main purpose of living is to do the holy will of God. To achieve this to the fullest, we need the help of each other, for at one time this one suffers and later it is the other who is in need. We support one another, the able-bodied caring for the weak; for sooner or later the tables are turned and the strong will be the ones needing help. In our weakness there is still hope, as Paul writes: “If we are unfaithful, God still remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.”

May the light of Christ rise in our hearts, change our mentality and hearts, so that we would harm no one but become gift to those who are in dare need! Amen!! Keep safe and have a fruitful day!!!

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