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There was herdsmen attack at Ukpabi Nimbo sometime ago and Governor Ugwuanyi of Enugu State came to Aso Rock to see Buhari. There was herdsmen attack at Logo and environs recently and Governor Ortom of Benue State comes to see Buhari. That has been the sorry pattern of Buhari’s misguided leadership in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. What is wrong with the man? Can he not go to visit these states? What sense does it make in asking the bereaved to come and visit you instead of going to visit them, sympathise with them, console them and assure them that you’re doing something to forestall the systematic depletion of lives? That was how he averted a needed visit to the troubled Niger Delta under the guise of a fabricated security report. Yet he’s been jumping from Kano to Kaduna commissioning useless projects that do not have any real bearing on the welfare of the Nigerian people. Does it make sense that our President’s expertise is in visiting only his Northern base? How many states has Buhari visited since he became President in 2015? How many trouble spots has he personally visited across the country apart from Maiduguri? Yet, this is a President with a “human” side as the recent laughable documentary on him portrays. If this is really Buhari’s “human” side, I’m just wondering what his “inhuman” side would be.

A president who has visited more countries outside Nigeria than he has visited the states within his country lacks the political reflex to lead and is not fit to govern even a clan, not to talk of a country of 180 million people, in the 21st century. I thought we could give Buhari the benefit of the doubt in 2015 since he claimed to be a “converted democrat.” These last three years have shown that soldiers hardly change. They’re often set in their ways. The broom to sweep him and his party out of power is obviously my PVC.


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